About Calliope

Sinophone is the member for China of Calliope Interpreters, the premier global network of interpretation service providers.


Calliope Interpreters provides simultaneous interpretation services all over the world, for high-level meetings and mega-events like:

  • the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games
  • the Universal Forum of Cultures
  • EU Presidencies (Irish Presidency 2004; Portuguese Presidency 2007; Danish Presidency 2012).

Calliope's members are all members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and uphold the highest standards in the field of professional interpreting.


The global leader in simultaneous interpreting services

Each year, Calliope delivers simultaneous interpretation services:

  • for around 800 high-profile conferences and events
  • in over 40 countries and
  • in more than 30 languages,
  • for government and corporate clients, as well as for intergovernmental organizations.

As such, Calliope is one of the world’s largest providers of simultaneous interpretation services, and is certainly the only one to offer a consistent guarantee of quality worldwide under the trusted AIIC mark.


Calliope's exclusive member for China

In 2012, Sinophone was admitted as the exclusive member of Calliope Interpreters for China. As such, Sinophone is the designated provider of interpretation services for the Calliope network in China.

Leveraging on Calliope’s global resources and expertise, Sinophone is capable of organizing and delivering in China full multilingual conference interpreting solutions in all the major languages of Europe and Asia.

At the same time, Sinophone delivers to Calliope clients in China the same high quality of service they have come to expect from our partners overseas.