Conference Technology

A complete solution: interpreters + our own SI equipment

When you engage Sinophone to provide simultaneous interpretation for your event, we will deliver a complete one-stop service, with our own:

  • simultaneous interpretation systems
  • simultaneous interpretation booths
  • simultaneous interpretation technicians
  • headset distribution station staffed by headset attendants

With our complete package service, you do not need to manage multiple vendors. Nor do you need to worry about poor sound quality or system incompatibility.

You only need to deal with one person, our consultant interpreter.

Your consultant interpreter will coordinate our team of interpreters, technicians and headset attendants. He or she will make sure everything runs smoothly, and ensure great sound quality for the delegates and interpreters alike.


The other half of quality in simultaneous interpreting

No matter how skilled and well-prepared the interpreters are, high-quality simultaneous interpretation cannot be achieved without a high-quality SI system operated by qualified SI technicians.

That's why we provide our own best-in-class simultaneous interpretation booths, Bosch SI systems, and trained technical staff, to match the standards of our interpreters.


Perfect sound quality

No application is more vulnerable to poor sound quality than simultaneous interpreting.

Hiss, noise, buzz, cross-talk and uneven sound levels are a serious distraction for delegates, and make high-quality interpreting impossible.

With our Bosch digital SI systems and our experienced SI technicians, we are capable of delivering perfect CD-quality sound over multiple language channels to audiences of well over 1,000. 


Proper interpretation booths

Less obvious to meeting organizers, but equally crucial to high quality simultaneous interpretation, are proper interpretation booths.

In order to support high-quality SI, an interpretation booth must be both:

    • soundproof, to prevent acoustic interference and noise; and
    • ventilated, to ensure fresh air supply for the interpreters.

Most booths in China are neither soundproof nor ventilated.

These substandard booths impact on interpretation quality, and can even represent a serious health and safety risk to the interpreters. (Would you keep your kitten enclosed in an unventilated wooden box, without fresh oxygen?)

As a professional interpretation firm, Sinophone uses its own ventilated interpretation booths. This ensures a safe and comfortable working environment for the interpreters, and the best possible quality for the meeting.


Look no further

Sinophone offers it all in a complete, turnkey package:

  • best-in-class Bosch digital simultaneous interpretation (SI) systems
  • properly ventilated simultaneous interpretation (SI) booths
  • push-to-talk discussion systems
  • voting systems
  • professional conference public address (PA) systems
  • high-quality wireless handheld and clip-on microphones
  • presentation screens and projectors

Our equipment is warehoused locally in both Beijing and Shanghai, and is shipped on a weekly basis to other cities across China. It is operated by our own experienced, full-time technicians.

As a result, we are able to deliver a complete, turnkey service for live events anywhere in China including simultaneous interpretation, push-to-talk discussion and voting systems, professional conference PA systems, and presentation systems, with full, in-house quality control.

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