Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation, known in Chinese as “交替传译”, has been described as the true ‘noble art’ of interpretation.

Consecutive is ideal for small, private, and interactive meetings, such as:

  • negotiations and private business discussions
  • media roundtables and interviews
  • diplomatic talks
  • courtesy calls on government and corporate leaders
  • arbitrations and legal proceedings


Services Consecutive Interpretation


In the consecutive mode of interpreting, the interpreter sits in the meeting room, next to the speaker. The speaker delivers his presentation in complete passages – ranging from just 1-2 minutes through to 5 or more minutes – before pausing for interpretation.

Relying on a sophisticated note-taking technique, the interpreter delivers the entire passage in the target language, fluently and effectively, often taking slightly less time than the original.

True consecutive interpreting offers an advantage over ‘sentence-by-sentence’ translation: the speaker can warm up to his subject and develop a complex argument, illustrated with facts, figures, and examples, confident that the entire message will be presented accurately and clearly to the other-language audience.

Consecutive requires very good public speaking and presentation skills, in addition to solid note-taking and interpretation technique.

At Sinophone, we take pride in mastering the skills of true consecutive interpreting.