Executive Interpretation

Executive interpretation is a specialty of Sinophone’s.

We provide a senior professional interpreter to shadow a visiting political or business leader throughout his or her China program.

The interpreter is at the side of his or her principal at all times, and provides interpretation for all events and encounters: public speeches, formal meetings, media interviews, working banquets, and private pull-aside conversations.


Service Executive Interpretation


Sinophone’s principals regularly provide executive interpretation for:

  • government leaders and ministers
  • CEOs of Fortune 500 companies
  • VVIPs, public figures and celebrities.

We are bound by the strictest professional secrecy and discretion under the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Conference Interpreters.


The one person essential to have in the room

The value of having a world-class professional interpreter at your side is highlighted by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in her Memo to the President:

"When you travel, you will be crowded by top aides elbowing one another to be allowed into meetings. Ironically, the one person essential to have in the room may not be an official advisor at all but your interpreter.

The interpreter plays a pivotal role, because negotiations demand precision in language and often some degree of personal warmth.

An interpreter's job, therefore, goes well beyond the literal translation of words; he must convey the negotiator's desired emphasis, nuance, and tone.

This is possible only if he has a sophisticated knowledge of the subjects under discussion. ...an interpreter who knows not only the language but also the politics, personalities, and culture of a particular situation can be a unique asset."

Madeleine Albright, Memo to the President, HarperCollins 2008, p. 71.


This describes perfectly why Sinophone is sought out by both political and business leaders for important China visits.