Sinophone's Managing Director, Andrew Dawrant (杜蕴德), is widely recognized as one of the world's top Chinese/English interpreters. He has been profiled several times in the national and international media:


China Daily

China daily

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Andrew C. Dawrant is a professional Chinese-English interpreter with more than 15 years experience at international level.

Andrew...has won wide renown in his chosen field. The Canadian national has provided his skills to CEOs, Nobel Prize winners and politicians, the high point being his work at former US president George W. Bush's speech at Tsinghua University when he visited China in 2002.

When Dawrant speaks in Mandarin, many of those listening would be hard pushed to believe he is not a native speaker.


Shanghai Daily

Shanghai daily andrew dawrant interview

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Meet the Canadian who likes to stay in the background -- translating the speeches of the world's top leaders into Chinese.

His voice has been heard in a live address to more than 300 million Chinese and he has sat at the shoulder of world leaders -- but Canadian Andrew Dawrant says if he's doing his job well, you shouldn't even notice him.

Dawrant is one of the world's most sought-after English-Chinese translators. The Shanghai-based expert has interpreted for official visits to China by the president of the United States, the prime minister of Canada, the president of the European Commission and the CEOs of many Fortune 500 companies.


Globe & Mail


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Shuffling down a Shanghai street, he is as inconspicuous as any laowai (foreigner) might hope to be. Fair-skinned, balding, bespectacled and slightly paunchy, he wears an unremarkable dark suit and carries a weathered, brown, leather satchel.

It’s what’s inside the bag that’s extraordinary. It is frequently stuffed with secret, sensitive documents, the thoughts and words of presidents, prime ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs and Nobel Prize winners....

Andrew Dawrant is...widely considered the top Chinese-English language interpreter working in China today.