Our Process

At Sinophone, our process is designed to make your life easy and ensure optimal results.

It all begins with understanding your meeting or event. A Sinophone consultant interpreter will help define your interpretation requirements and develop a custom-tailored service.

No matter how complex your project, you need speak with only one person throughout.

With Sinophone, you are not dealing with a project manager, agent, or commercial intermediary. Your consultant interpreter is a senior professional interpreter who can expertly advise on the options, and then plan, oversee and implement the entire service to high professional standards.


What are the typical steps in the process?


For meetings requiring simultaneous interpretation, our process will generally be as follows:

Prior to your event:

  • We will review your meeting program and analyze your needs (type of meeting, subject matter, number of attendees, languages, parallel sessions, etc.)
  • We will talk you through the options in terms of interpretation modes, equipment, team composition, etc., and advise you on optimal interpretation arrangements.
  • We will prepare a detailed quotation for your acceptance.
  • Upon your confirmation, we will enter your event onto our engagements calendar and assign to it the requisite team of interpreters as well as the necessary booths, equipment, and technicians.
  • We will collect background materials, texts and presentations for advance preparation. These will allow us to research the subject matter and terminology of your meeting and prepare a glossary.
  • We will advise you on how to make the best use of the interpretation service, and provide tips for speakers and delegates.


The day before the event

  • We will set up our technical equipment in the meeting room and conduct a full sound check.
  • If your meeting is technical, we can organize a briefing session and/or on-site rehearsal with the interpreters (subject to advance booking).


The day of the event

  • We will distribute an SI receiver (headset) to each meeting participant.
  • We will ensure smooth on-site communication between the meeting organizer, speakers and the interpreters.
  • We will ensure clean, clear sound reception for both interpreters and delegates.
  • We will resolve any last-minute issues on site professionally.
  • We will collect SI receivers back from each meeting participant at the end of the day.


After the event:

  • We will send you a single invoice for all services provided.
  • We will discuss your experience with you in a post-meeting debriefing, to further enhance our future cooperation.
  • We will update our client-specific glossary and file it with archived meeting documents, to ensure seamless handover to your next meeting.
  • We will look forward to providing world-class professional interpretation services for the next event you organize.


Many of our clients have been working with us for 10 years or more. See what they are saying.