The leader in professional interpretation services

Sinophone provides professional interpretation services for high-level meetings, visits, conferences and events in China.

Our objective is to dramatically improve communication at meetings with China that matter.


Full-service professional interpretation firm

Sinophone provides a complete range of professional interpretation services in Beijing, Shanghai, and across China:


What is interpretation?

Interpretation is the live, oral rendering of messages from one spoken language to another. Not to be confused with "translation", the interlingual conversion of written texts, interpretation is a profession unto itself.

Good interpreters are a rare commodity: they are expert communicators who deliver your message clearly and effectively, in real time, with precision and impact.

Professional interpreters complete two years of full-time postgraduate training in the techniques of conference interpreting, and then pass official accreditation tests with the United Nations and/or European Union in order to begin their career.

With a decade of full-time experience interpreting for international meetings, some but not all will reach the highest performance standards.

We are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), and are recognized as meeting the highest international standards in this specialized profession.


Who do you interpret for?

Sinophone's clients all have one thing in common: they need to ensure crystal-clear communication across the language barrier at important meetings in China.

Sinophone's interpreters are regularly trusted to interpret for meetings that are reported in the news.

Our clients include:

  • government ministries and agencies
  • multinational corporations, both Chinese and foreign
  • international financial institutions
  • international organizations
  • law firms and investment banks
  • professional congress organizers (PCOs)

We offer the same promise of quality and professionalism for small meetings around the boardroom table as for large conferences with thousands of delegates.