For over a decade, The Economist has relied on Sinophone to provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for our meetings in China, including our signature China Summit and Bellwether China.

We have consistently received overwhelming positive feedback on the quality of the interpretation service delivered by Andrew and his team.

It is no exaggeration to say that Sinophone has contributed significantly to the success of our China events.

--- The Economist Group

Our best simultaneous interpretation experience EVER!

--- Alibaba Group 

Sinophone provided simultaneous interpretation for Jack Ma's final press conference as CEO of Alibaba, and Jack Ma's keynote address before a stadium audience of 20,000.

Your work with us at last year's Dialogue meeting in Beijing was exemplary, as always, and I very much hope you will be available to work with us again next year.

--- US lead, Track II Dialogue on US-China Relations

Since its inception, Sinophone has provided consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for this cabinet-level dialogue between the United States and China covering all aspects of bilateral relations.

If you want to get your message across in China, the Chinese interpretation of what you say is at least as important as what you say in English. Hiring Andrew and his team for either consecutive one on one or simultaneous conference translation guarantees you'll be heard and understood.

--- City of Amsterdam

Sinophone provided executive interpretation for the Mayor of Amsterdam's official visits to China in 2012 and 2013, and simultaneous interpretation for all business sessions.

It was a real pleasure working with you and your team - we’ve received so much positive feedback from our attendees regarding the simultaneous interpretation.

--- Organizing Committee, US-China industry meeting with 1000 delegates.
Sinophone provided simultaneous interpretation for all plenary and break-out sessions at this industry mega-event, with a team of 18 conference interpreters.

The best in the business.

--- Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, 2001-2011.

Engaged Sinophone to provide executive interpretation for multiple visits and trade missions to China led by the Premier of British Columbia.

On Sinophone's chief interpreter, Andrew Dawrant 杜蕴德:

He is in a class by himself as far as I’m concerned.

--- Michael Ducker, COO of FedEx Express


Telling a joke in a foreign language intelligently is hard enough. Interpreting someone else's joke into a foreign language, conveying the sense of humour and actually getting a laugh......that's a whole different level of difficulty.

I've seen Andrew pull it off time and time again, even with the lame sense of humour many business executives and politicians exhibit -- he actually makes their jokes funnier in Chinese! And if he can do that, hey, technical interpretation is a no-brainer.

--- Mark Rowswell, aka Dashan 大山

Entertainer, TV Host, Canada's Goodwill Ambassador in China


Mr. Dawrant’s mastery of interpreting Chinese into English makes him a phenomenon. While there are many highly skilled interpreters from China, nearly all struggle with some elements of English, whether it be accent or certain minor grammatical issues. He has very few or none of these. At the same time, he is accurate. This is very rare.

--- Zhou Yuqiang

Chief Interpreter, United Nations Office in Vienna